Helpful Tip Tuesday: Buying Produce


This is mainly for AZ people (I don’t know how it works elsewhere!)…

Typically the Mexican grocery stores have amazing “Wednesday Only” produce sales in their ads. It just so happens that I don’t live near any of these stores BUT I live near a Walmart! (Sometimes I just really love Walmart) You can take their ads or even a list or print out of the ad to Walmart and ad match. Don’t discount the quality of Walmart produce until you’ve tried it. I’ve been really impressed with it!


Have you heard of a little gem called “Superstition Ranch Market”? It’s on Main just east of Greenfield on the south side of the road. They don’t have ads so you never know what’s going to be on sale until you go. Several times I’ve gotten beautiful strawberries 4 lbs/$1! Yep! that’s 25 cents a pound. When I see deals like this I stock up and freeze! Frozen berries are great for smoothies and among other things. One price that is consistent is their “overripe” bananas. $0.15/lb. Wonderful!!! Sometimes they just have a little brown on their peel but are still perfect for eating! Other times they really are overripe but these are the ones that are great for banana bread or to freeze for smoothies and baking.

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