Helpful Tip Tuesday: Bread

There are some people in the world who can make beautiful bread like this…

I am not one of them. Any attempt I have made at making bread fails.
My bread turns out more like this…

A brick. The only thing it’s good for is to be used as a doorstop. I’m not kidding. But bread is a staple at our house.  My husband takes 1 or 2 sandwiches to work with him every day plus I have a toddler who thinks that the word “lunch” equates to “sandwich”. That adds up fast!

Even though we have to buy bread, we thankfully don’t have to settle for the iron kids nothing bread. We buy all of our bread at

Alpine Valley Bread
300 W Southern Ave. Mesa, AZ 85211
M-F 8am-2pm

It is amazingly wonderful bread. These are the same people who make the bread for Sprouts, AJ’s Fine Foods, Costco, etc. At these other stores the bread goes for $3-5 a loaf. Ouch.  At the factory the day old bread sells for $0.50 a loaf. Sometimes they have $1 loaves but the $0.50 loaves tend to be just as fresh! It’s a little drive for me but I go about twice a month and stock up. This bread lasts great in the fridge or freezer!

So if you have amazing bread making skills like me, save yourself the hassle and frustration and head on over to Alpine Valley Bread!


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