Helpful Tip Tuesday: Stock Up Prices

Part of saving money in the kitchen is having a well-stocked kitchen.  When there is a really really good price on something, stock up! It may push you a little over budget for the current month but you won’t have to buy it in a different month when it’s not on sale because you’ll already have it! These prices reflect prices in AZ. This won’t help you too much if you live in another state. Sorry! You should move to AZ 🙂

Butter: $1.50/lb or less

Cereal: If you can get it for $1 or less STOCK UP!! (just watch for sizes. If it’s the tiny box it’s not a good deal) If you don’t use coupons $1.50 or less is a good price.

Cheese: $2.79/lb or less

Chicken Breasts– $1.69 or less (Boneless Skinless)

Eggs: $0.99 or less

Flour: $1.49 or less for a 5lb bag

Ground Beef: I only buy 93% lean so anything below $3 is an OK price

Milk: $1.69 (anything under $2 is ok)

Oats: $0.88 / lb or less (check out the bulk section at your store!)

Peanut Butter: $1/jar

Sugar: $1.49 or less for a 4-5 lb bag

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