Helpful Tip Tuesday: Buying Spices

Spices can be SO expensive! And how many recipes call for 1/4 tsp of some random spice that you probably will never use again? Why would you want to buy the whole jar just for a “pinch”? Here’s what I do. I buy my spices from the bulk section of Sprouts and Winco! They are so much cheaper that way! I know Winco sells the little bottles you can fill up or to save more money use something you already have. I used baby food containers! They stack so nicely 🙂


Please ignore the tacky labels! The creative gene totally skipped over me in my family. I guess that what happens when you’re the middle child. My siblings can all draw, sew, compose music, basically create anything. My brain just can’t do that. I don’t think creatively, I think in excel spreadsheets. Seriously.

I’m sure you are all more creative than I am, so to spice things up, you could make cutesy little labels for your spice containers. 🙂

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