Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many does each recipe feed?

Each recipe feeds 4-6 people. For our family, this usually leaves leftovers which is why we have 2 nights dedicated to leftovers.

What is your monthly food budget?

My monthly food budget is $100. Some months we go over a bit but I try really, really hard to stick to this.

Does that include toiletries and household items?

No. This is strictly for food. I have budgeted $50 to spend on personal items like toilet paper, make up, cleaning supplies, breathe right strips (ok total side note but I would go without ice cream for a full month if I had to just to make sure we had enough in our budget for these. Snoring husband = sleepy, grumpy wife. Husband with a breathe right strip on his nose = happy wife (which equals happy husband 😉 )

Do you ever go over your budget?

Yes. Like I said before, I try really hard but sometimes going over is inevitable. I compensate for this by taking from our personal items budget and cut back in that area. I have to keep both of these categories to a total of no more than $150 every month.

How many are in your family?

There are 4 in my family:  myself, my very hungry, huge husband, a growing toddler, and a baby that I nurse (does that mean I get to eat his share of the food too? haha).

Why do you have a family dinner listed instead on Sunday of another meal?

We are blessed to live near both of our families so each Sunday we get together and eat with them. I know many of my initial readers had Sunday dinner with their families too so I didn’t worry about planning meals for Sunday. Eventually I’ll start adding in Sunday dinners but for now, week days will have to do.

 How come you have 2 leftover nights?

Each recipe makes 4-6 servings (or more!). After 2 nights, we accumulate lots of leftovers. I send some with my husband to work for lunch but we usually have enough for another meal. I don’t want to waste food (wasted food=wasted money!)  so we eat it!

What do you eat for breakfast and lunch?

We usually eat oatmeal, cereal, or eggs for breakfast. Sandwiches, green smoothies, or leftovers for lunch.

Is all of that included in your $100 monthly budget?

Yes! I just don’t include it on the shopping list I post because that list is just the ingredients needed for all of the dinner recipes.

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