Helpful Tip Tuesday: Portion Control

Several people have asked me about the leftovers night and how we can possibly have enough food leftover for another meal and how we can possibly squeeze everything into our tight budget. Here’s the secret: Portion Control.

Now when you hear “portion control” you probably think about dieting or losing weight. When I think about portion control I think about saving money! (Although losing weight is an added bonus!*).

How? Well most of the meals in the monthly meal plan say they make 6-8 servings. For my little family of 3 eaters (I don’t include my baby in this) we should not be eating that entire dish in one sitting. We should have at least half of that dish leftover which then easily feeds us for another meal. I know a lot of you have bigger families than me so you might not have 3-4 servings leftover. BUT who says you have to eat the same thing at dinner time? Growing up, about once a week my mom would put all of the leftovers on the counter and we’d make up our own plates and heat them in the microwave. Say you had 2 or 3 servings left from 2 meals, that gives you 4-6 servings of leftovers (wait another night if you need more!).  That’s one night’s worth of dinner that you didn’t have to make or pay any additional money for.

If you are a small family and have lots of leftovers, use them for dinners and lunch. My husband gets leftovers for lunch at work probably 3 times a week (the other 2 days he gets sandwiches).

So! Have a little self control. Don’t take huge portions right off the bat. Don’t stuff yourself at meals–only eat until you’re satisfied. Divide the meals you make so they will last another meal. Add a less expensive side dish to make the meal go further.

You’ll find that your wallet and your waistline will thank you!

*When my husband and I first got married we were terrible at this (especially him!).If it tasted good, we would eat more! We spent a lot more in groceries and we we a lot heavier. Since we’ve started meal planning, eating healthier, and watching our portions, we both weigh 15-20 lbs less than when we were first married.

5 thoughts on “Helpful Tip Tuesday: Portion Control

  1. This is working great for me! I have a family of eight so I think any size family can adapt your plan. We have two babies so only 6 of us are actually eating. (Mom, Dad and 4 teenagers ) I double the shopping list and double every recipe. Some meals I only have a couple servings for left overs and some meals I have an entire dinners worth but it all works out for the week. We have plenty of ready to eat meals in the fridge for some lunches or snacks and my family just helps themselves during the week. I love it!

    • Christina, thank you so much for your comment! I love hearing success stories. I wasn’t sure if this had been helping anyone so reading your comment made my day! Would you mind if I shared your story as a post on my blog?

  2. Good tip! You could also include like serving a side of vegetables and a salad help to stretch a meal as well. Also making some brown rice, quinoa, or something similar helps us stretch a meal too. Love your blog babe! Oh something else I thought of the other day is we have started making our own sausage and meatballs, by buying ground turkey or pork in bulk and dividing it to make those recipes we are also able to save by not buying the more expensive version. Love ya! Jen

    We create the environment of our lives. Every thought, action, experience, and intake of food or drink creates or uncreates spiritual, physical, chemical and electrical changes that positively or negatively affect our lives. Choose Wisely.

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