Helpful Tip Tuesday: Make these meal plans work for any size family

When I started monthly meal planning, I didn’t have a blog in mind. But eventually I had so many people asking me to share my meal plans that I thought the easiest way to do that would be in blog form. Now this blog has been up for almost a year! Wow!! Thank you to all my wonderful readers!!

But as I said, I started doing these for just my family of 4 (including my baby who now thinks he can eat more than me)so most of the recipes serve 4-6 people.  I know many of you have larger families and teenagers. Seriously how do you keep your kitchen stocked with teenage boys?? My little boys already try to eat me out of house and home! 

So! How do you make these meal plans work for you?

One brilliant reader said she has a large family but she still follows The Monthly Lineup of meal plans. She simply doubles the shopping list and doubles each recipe. She is able to feed her family each night plus have enough leftovers for lunches and the leftover nights listed on the calendar! Fantastic right?!

Think about it, following the meal plans and including breakfast and lunch foods, I only spend $100 a month on food. If you doubled that, you’d only be spending $200 (maybe $250) for a family of 6-8! That’s incredible!!


See! I told you. You can save so much money by monthly meal planning!!

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