Stop Asking, “What’s For Diner?”

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After a long and tiring day at work, you rush home to be with your family. As you get in the door, the first words you hear are, “What’s for dinner? I’m starving!”


No “I love you!”, or “I’m so glad you’re home.”

To make things worse, you have not even thought about diner. You walk into the kitchen and open the cupboards to reveal nothing but a couple cans of re-fried beans and a box of pasta. Then you go to your refrigerator and realize that you are out of milk, eggs and produce.

As you try to get your creative juices pumping to create a quick and tasty dish, you come to the realization that a ketchup over noodles with a side of beans is not going to fly with anyone. So out of desperation, you pick up the phone and order a couple of pizzas.

Sound Familiar?

This is exactly why The Monthly Lineup was started. The most dreaded phrase in our home was, “what’s for dinner?” Every night it was the same routine. Ask the question, rummage through the pantry or fridge and then realize nothing sounds good or anything appetizing would take way to long to make. Then to make things “better” we would once again cook up a box of Mac n Cheese and cut up a hot dog in it to make it more filling.

The MOnthly LineUp

Tired of this routine? Then you have come to the right place. Here at The Monthly Lineup you will find monthly meal plans to help you be prepared ahead of time with all of your ingredients as well as a calendar showing you exactly what you are eating that night.

How it works

We have prepared an entire month of meal plans that will be yours free, forever! Included with the meal plan is a complete shopping list of the ingredients that you will need to make all of the meals listed.

All you have to do visit, print out the shopping list, and do your monthly shopping trip.


What are the benefits of meal planning?

Once we started meal planning, we noticed a few really big changes. First, dinner-time was not longer a dreaded time in our home. It went smoothly (as smooth as diner can go with little kids) and we knew what we were eating before 5:00 p.m. that night.

We also discovered that we had the ability to change our meal plan on the fly. If something else sounded better that night or fit our schedule better, we could swap the recipes because we already had the ingredients. This was a huge bonus. We were not constrained to only one option!

Third, we were amazed at how much money we were able to save by doing one monthly shopping trip. Prior to meal planning, we would try and get any relevant coupon we could to help save money. After monthly meal planning, we realized that we were going to the store more often when using coupons which resulted in us spending more money. After buying all of our ingredients,  we committed to staying out of the store the rest of the month (other than to buy more produce or perishable items) and very quickly we saw that we started saving over $100 a month on our food budget.


Are the planned meals allergy friendly?

Ironically, we created the entire year worth of meal plans before discovering that our two boys were both lactose intolerant. After the first year, we had to completely start from scratch with different meals. Then we added in more allergies with our oldest girl and started all over again. It will be our goal to add allergy friendly meals in the future but for now the meal plan is generic. Contact us if you have questions about how to substitute ingredients to make foods allergy friendly.

Is The Monthly LineUp a subscription meal planning service?

No. The Monthly Lineup is not a full meal planning service. Everything included on the site is free to use and will remain free forever. That is our gift to you.

If you have tried out all of our recipes or if you are in need of specialized recipes, we highly recommend emeals. This is an amazing company that allows you to selct meal plans on a weekly basis. They have meal plans for all eating styles and give you access right through your email.

We would love to hear how The Monthly LineUp has saved you both time and money. Please leave a comment to the post or shoot us an email. Have a great day!

Saving Time, Saving Money,  Saving Dinner!

– The Monthly LineUp

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