About Us

About Liz 

Hi! I’m Liz. I am married to a handsome hunk of a man and the mom of two handsome boys and two adorable little girls.

I graduated from BYU in Business Management in 2009 and after working for a couple of years I decided it was time to just focus on being a full-time mommy.

In 2015, my family and I had an unplanned move to a small town in Arizona. Shortly after moving, I had a little baby girl in November. With the move and baby, I had gone 6 months without dancing (that is the longest I have gone without dancing since I was 3). I was missing dancing so much that I looked into teaching a couple of classes if there was enough interest. Little did I know, a month later, I would have a full dance studio with over 100 dancers!!!!

In June of 2017, we added a second little girl to our family making an even pair of girls and boys.

Being a mom of four and running Dance Amour is not easy, but it has been an incredible experience.

Disclaimer: I’m not a pro blogger, a photographer (don’t expect glamorous pictures), cook, perfectionist or anything like that BUT, I’ve gotten pretty good at helping my family save money and manage our meals.


Meet Jeff

Hi, I am Jeff. I am the lucky one in our marriage because I get to be married to the amazing woman you met above. After marrying Elizabeth, I had finished my Bachelors’s degree in Special and Elementary Education from ASU and then completed a Masters in Educational Leadership. I taught in Mesa Public Schools for 3.5 years after which we moved to the White Mountains of Arizona and I taught 6th grade for two years. This year, we decided to go a little different route and try a couple new things. I am working as the business manager for Dance Amour, Working for SEOJet and helping run this blog. In addition to the dance studio, we have also grown Amour Performing Arts, to include Amour Music, a youth choir program I had the pleasure of conducting these last few months.

I have a passion for helping people overcome trials and improve their lives. Moving to a small town has been a dream come true for me. For some reason, I have always been a “small town” kid at heart. I love being outdoors doing just about anything, making up “Dad Jokes,” singing, and whistling.

Our Purpose

To provide families with the resources they need to have their meals “Lined Up” for them and to save them time and money.

Initially, we put this blog together for our own use. It was a way we could have all of our resources in one place and easily utilize them. With it online, we shared it with anyone we talked to who struggled with budgeting their food each month. We have had so many people find it useful over the years that we wanted to provide a more detailed and thorough service.

After successfully meal planning our entire first year, we discovered that both our boys were lactose intolerant. If you look at the recipes listed, you will easily see that most of the recipes have some form of milk, cream, or cheese. This discovery kind of derailed our meal planning as almost everything we put together we could no longer use. At that point, we continued to use the process but it was a little trickier because we were starting from scratch with most of our recipes. We quickly learned how to substitute things like almond milk into recipes and how to make sauces without cream or cheese but we never took the time to upload anything to the blog. During this time, we were so busy with other endeavors that we left the blog alone and we were not actively posting or answering questions.

Just when we started to have a good bank of dairy-free recipes, we had another huge roadblock. When our third child was born, we quickly realized that she hand many food allergies. Over the next year, our household diet consisted of no dairy, peanut, tomato, egg, almond, many fruits and vegetables and even store-bought whole wheat flour. Talk about a food planning nightmare!!!!

Here we were, the meal planners, the ones that had been helping others plan monthly meals, and now we were having to make deep cuts to the bank of dairy-free recipes we had acquired.  Having arrived back at the very beginning, we had very little hope of finding enough recipes to accommodate our new diets. Meal planning became something that neither of us wanted to think about.

This is why, now more than ever before, we want to help people create monthly meal plans, because it can be really hard. So we hope that in the coming months and years, we can help you create your monthly meal plans.

Click here to see how to meal plan.



2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Wow, this is exciting that I found your blog! Thank you for sharing!! I’m trying to save money and plan out my meals now that I have 2 kids in college, 2 kids at home and I’m starting nursing school in a month! I think I might just follow your plan exactly! So if you spend $100 a month on dinners, I’m guessing you spend a little more for lunches and breakfasts right? Or do you only spend $100 on everything?

    • Jen, originally with two small children and living in an area with great prices to ad match, I could do everything for $100. I don’t spend money on beverages and I try to find great deals on occasional specialty snack items. We pretty regularly buy apple sauce, crackers, and pretzels. For breakfast we eat eggs or oatmeal often and for lunch we make sandwiches or use up any left overs. We do change things up occasionally.

      Now that my boys are older and we do not have stores to ad match (we moved), we are closer to $150. I really hope this helps you. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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