January’s Meal Plan

Happy New Year!!!!

One of the best ways to start off any year is to be ready and planned. Here at the Monthly Lineup, we have taken the hassle of meal planning out of feeding your family. This resource is your to use as-you-wish and will never cost you a thing! We hope you enjoy this month’s meals and hope you come back month after month. You will find the complete shopping list for the recipes listed below, at the bottom of the page.

We would love to hear from you. Please provide feedback on any recipes you like as well as with ways in which we can help you have your meals lined up and ready to go.

January’s Lineup

Day 1: White Bean, Spinach soup
Day 2: Zucchini  Lasagna
Day 3: Left Overs
Day 4: Loaded Baked  Potato Chicken Casserole
Day 5: Grilled Chicken  Caesar Salad
Day 6: Left Overs
Day 7: Sloppy Joe Sandwiches

Day 8: Ham Broccoli Noodles
Day 9: Chili & Corn Bread
Day 10: Left Overs
Day 11: Beef Noodles
Day 12: Chicken Noodle Soup
Day 13: Left Overs
Day 14: Cowboy Casserole

Day 15: Bean Burritos
Day 16: Garlic Chicken Pizza
Day 17: Left Overs
Day 18: Split Pea Soup with Ham (SC)
Day 19: Swedish Meatballs
Day 20: Left Overs
Day 21: Chicken Lo Mein

Day 22: Spicy Chicken Pizza Roll-Ups
Day 23: Italian Casserole (SC)
Day 24: Left Overs
Day 25: Taco Roll-Ups
Day 26: Cheesy Southwest Egg Bake
Day 27: Left Overs
Day 28: Teriyaki Chicken & Rice

Day 29: Breakfast for dinner
Day 30: Oven Baked Tacos
Day 31: Left Overs

January Shopping List

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